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Datamate makes hospital IT future-ready

Datamate helped the IT team of Emirates Specialty Hospital, Dubai, to make its infrastructure scalable, reliable and secure. The infrastructure is now flexible to accommodate multiple tenants, open to choose on-premise or cloud-ready platforms for future implementations. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus pellentesque ipsum id augue

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Fueling additional revenue through technology

Paragon Ventures (P) Ltd, one of the most recognized restaurant brands worldwide, reduced the time taken for order taking by 32% using Datamate’s Purple Keys Tablet POS solution. The software enables restaurants to serve more guests than ever, resulting in higher revenue than ever. The installation of a unified software

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Helping clients minimize business disruption during uncertainty

COVID-19 created unprecedented uncertainty. Ananthapuri Hospitals and Research Institute, Trivandrum, a leading healthcare service provider in Kerala, minimized the COVID-19 risk factors and expanded the reach among patients during the pandemic using Datamate’s Ellíder Vconsult Teleconsultation software. The hospital witnessed 300 teleconsultations among 24 doctors during the pandemic in the

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